Forex Services

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Foreign exchange service is one of the important and premium initiatives of Kadamba. Now we are ready for performing Forex operations as well as transactions. Our main function of forex is to handle Foreign Inward Remittances, Outward Remittance, Buying and Selling of foreign currencies as well as Forex Travel Cards.

Our Services

Outward Remittances

  • Private Visit
  • Business Visit
  • Education
  • MedicalTreatment
  • Emigration
  • Employmen
  • Film Shooting
  • Remittance-Tour Operators to overseas agents
  • Participation Fee for Global conference/Training
  • Remittance-University Payment in abroad
  • Skills/Credential assessment fees for migrants
  • Processing/Registration fees for Governments
  • Registration fee for International Organizationst

Currency Exchange

  • Buying and Selling
  • Encashment

Travel Cards

  • Private Visit
  • Business Visit