Board of Directors


Sri Anantkumar Hegde


Entrepreneurship has been a driving force in Anant Kumar’s career journey. Being a visualizer, he was sure that economics around the rural environs would thrive with proper nurturing and diligent networking. He ensured to provide solid institutional support to various focused activities and hence was in the forefront of several streams which have developed into flourishing verticals.

Apart from these enterprises that were initiated, Anantkumar Hegde was instrumental and founder in creating other various organizations (in the name of Kadamba) which, he has now relinquished and handed over the same to public.

He has been the Founder & Chairman for the following institutions:

  • Kadamba Co-operative Society Limited
  • Kadamba Mymoney Limited (NBFC)
  • Kadamba Green Nanotech
  • Kadamba Soft-tech
  • Kadamba Functional foods
  • Kadamba Agrotech
  • Kadamba E-Commerce
  • Kadamba Foundation

Our Team

As always united, to serve you!

Name Designation
Krishna Esale Vice-President
Prakash Madguni Director
Shripad Bhat Director
Ashok Hegde Director
Raveendra Bhat Director
KS Lakshmish Director
Shrikant Naik Director
Subash Mundoor Director
Dr Deepa Prakash Director
Shrilakshmi Bhat Director
Arunkumar Sadananda Naik Director
Hanumanta T M Director
Susan Chung Director
K L Sriram Director
Iladevi Keertan Director
Akshaya Bhat Director